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        Should the flood: let the subway become the driving force of urban development
        Date:2014/4/11 Hit:2810

        May 28, 1993, Shanghai Metro Line 1 first trial run, so that the Shanghai Metro to achieve a "zero" breakthrough, until now, the Shanghai Metro has gone through 20 years of development. 20 years of roaring subway shuttle in every corner of the city, it not only recorded the rapid development of the city, but also witnessed the hurry of people flow and change. In the case of

        In the case of
        Statistics show that every citizen living in Shanghai, an average of at least 50 times a year subway ride. If each person on average in the subway to spend time together, a person at least once a year in the subway to stay for 1 week. Just look at this group of numbers, you can see the Shanghai subway and the city every person's relationship is so close, so that it has long been engraved into people's life trajectory.

        Shanghai Metro, showing the city culture, reflecting the spirit of the city, to promote the development of the city, to enhance the economic indicators, not only carrying the city's 35% of public transport passenger traffic, but also carrying many people with the city's emotions and stories.

        In order to explore the development of the Shanghai subway leapfrog development, the reporter interviewed the Shanghai Rail Transit Construction Command deputy commander, Shanghai Shentong Subway Group Co., Ltd. party secretary, chairman Yinghong.

        "Shanghai Metro opened a prelude to the development of network construction by leaps and bounds"

        From the last century 60's hard to explore, to the 90's staggering start, and then to the turn of the century struggling to develop, the Shanghai subway continue to develop. To the end of 2003 has begun to take shape, put the line reached 79 km. However, in the face of the urgent needs of urban development, the history of traffic to improve the debt, subway construction and development of their own intertwined risks and contradictions, so that the Shanghai Metro in the struggling forward brewing break.

        In 2004, Shanghai Shentong Subway Group was restructured and became the main body of investment, construction and operation of Shanghai Metro. This also opened the prelude to the development of subway network construction.

        Recalled the development of the Shanghai Metro, Yinghong proudly said: "In the national ministries of concern and support, through the joint efforts, Shanghai has completed the total length of the line reached 439 km, this year will be built into 99% If the total length of the operating line is counted, it will reach 567 km, and the Shanghai subway will be used for 20 years from the line to the network and through the city of the developed country for more than 100 years.

        Ying-hong stressed that the Shanghai Metro has been able to achieve remarkable achievements, mainly due to two opportunities: First, Shanghai won the 2010 World Expo will be the right to Shanghai rail transit construction has brought unprecedented opportunities. In order to speed up the improvement of urban traffic, to meet the convening of the Expo, the municipal government made a "set the city's power to speed up the construction of rail transit," the strategic decision-making, and all subway builders are overcome difficulties, fought together, devoted to the "World Expo Built before the 400 km "network target building. Second, with the national "bus priority" strategy to promote the implementation of the urban transport structure has significantly adjusted for the development of the subway network to bring a rare opportunity. Rail transport as a large capacity of green transport, in large cities, especially the mega-city in the role and advantages continue to show, as the major cities to promote the construction of modern transport system is the most important, especially in Shanghai as a large city, in the development of traffic Strategic positioning of the subway network as the backbone of urban transport, and the public on the subway construction high hopes, but also to promote the construction of the network to create a good environment.

        Ying said: "Shanghai Metro is to seize the rare historical opportunity to achieve a centralized development of the network." You can use the "three major" to sum up, "the first Shanghai subway construction scale, construction speed, technical difficulties Have achieved a major breakthrough. "Especially in 2004 to 2009 five years, the Shanghai subway construction completed a total investment of nearly 150 billion yuan to complete the relocation units and residents of more than 13,600 households, the newly built line length of 330 km, the station Nearly 205 seats. Construction scale, construction speed, called the world city development and development miracle. Due to the complex geological conditions in Shanghai, they overcome a series of technical bottlenecks such as deep foundation pit excavation, shield advancement, bypass construction and creating a hundred shields, one hundred stations and one hundred kilometers at the same time Put into operation and a series of construction records.

        "The Shanghai subway was successfully held for the Shanghai World Expo, and made a significant contribution to the traffic protection." During the Shanghai World Expo, the Shanghai Metro undertook to deliver more than 40% of the city's total passenger traffic. It can be said that the Expo 184 days of long extended period, almost every day in the impact of oversized passenger flow, but the Shanghai subway team to overcome the difficulties, successfully withstood a variety of unexpected events and oversized passenger test, to protect the During the Expo, the city's traffic was stable and orderly, by the CPC Central Committee and State Council awarded the "Shanghai World Expo advanced collective" glorious title.

        "With the gradual development of the Shanghai subway network, the Shanghai subway has not only improved the conditions for public travel, but also guided the layout of the city's functions and changed the lives of the people." The Shanghai subway has assumed a great responsibility for the development of the city's economy and society and the changes in the way of life. the way. In recent years, the rapid development of Shanghai Songjiang, Jiading and other new towns, thanks to the extension of the subway line, Xujiahui, Wujiaochang and other sub-centers of the city's prosperity, the subway is also an important "push hands." At the same time, the completion of a number of subway complexes, as well as the subway business and operational services are closely integrated, are quietly changing the living in the city of people living style.

        "Network development and transformation there are some do not meet the"

        If the subway construction from scratch is a pioneering, then from the line to the network is a new breakthrough. Network development and transformation is also in recent years, subway counterparts to study and face the common issues.

        Mentioned the current development of the difficulties of the subway network, should be flooded thinking, he talked about the "three does not meet", put forward their own views: "construction planning passenger flow forecast and the rapid development of urban passenger characteristics are incompatible. The prerequisite and boundary conditions of passenger flow forecast are the factors such as urban population size, urban planning layout and rail transit planning, but the current and boundary conditions change and the prediction result will deviate. This deviation also causes many of our lines The forecast for high - profile passenger traffic is much smaller than the actual traffic, resulting in inadequate traffic capacity and passenger congestion, and as a last resort, we can only take measures to minimize the pressure on transport operations.

        "The network operation management system construction is not compatible with the requirements of the network transition period.Under the background of network operation, based on the linear system established by line management, it is necessary to explore the establishment and organization of the organization and management system which embodies the characteristics of the network. But for the organizational system of change, the shape of the mechanism, the idea of ??the transformation of staff ideas have lagged behind, there is a need for network management and management can not adapt to the situation.

        At the same time, Yinghong also mentioned: "rapid expansion of the younger staff and rail transit advanced management requirements are not suited to the complex nature of rail transportation, the use of new technologies, and network development on the management of the magnitude and difficulty We are faced with the rapid development of the network to bring the rapid expansion of the staff situation, skills and experience are relatively lacking, whether it is front-line staff operating capacity, emergency disposal level, or whether the rapid development of the network, Management cadres of the business quality and management philosophy there are gaps.

        "Network operation transformation must rely on management innovation"

        Shanghai subway network construction, that is, one meter in a meter forward, to create a miracle on the construction of the world's subway. When the reporter asked what management experience, should be called Hong Qianxiu explained: "The face of the difficulties in the transformation of network We strive to management philosophy, operational mechanism, team quality, system and other aspects of efforts, relying on management innovation Shorten the transition period, improve the management of the short board.

        First, pay attention to the concept of network upgrade. Network operation transformation, the premise is to speed up the management concept of change, they each post, all kinds of business put forward the "four ideas, four changes" requirements, that is, to establish the concept of network optimization, people-oriented concept, Efficient cost of the concept; to promote the transition from line to network type, from empirical to scientific and technological change, from labor-intensive to intensive management, from passive to active change.

        Second, focus on institutional innovation. According to the needs of the development of the network, the Shanghai subway to break the original operating system, the establishment of the "2 +4" operation and management system, through the adjustment of the focus on the overall operation of the network control, give full play to the overall network performance and maintenance support , To create a moderate competition to create the conditions, but also for the future development of space reserved for the network. At the same time, with reference to "COMET" organization of the advanced management standards to implement fixed post, control staff size, reduce management costs. In the case of
        In the case of
        Third, focus on strengthening the basic management. Adhere to the implementation of the "construction and management, management as the most important, safe and run-oriented" approach to the basic management of the strengthening of grass-roots team building, the basic regulation of sound as a foothold and focus to accelerate the promotion of management awareness, The improvement of the system, the management of the center of gravity down, management measures landing and management means of innovation.

        Fourth, focus on security risks of control. They through the construction of security early warning system, strengthen the safety responsibility assessment, the establishment of security and mutual control mechanism, and strive to strengthen the security capabilities. At the same time, but also by exploring the development of train crash technology, the establishment of large passenger flow linkage mode technology, to prevent major operational risk points.

        Five is to focus on public crisis response. Subway after the formation of network, in the event of failure or passenger traffic anomalies, the most effective is to use network means to ease the network congestion node. Therefore, the Shanghai subway in the Expo before the completion of the network operation information "1 +6" real-time release system, take the initiative to guide the external passenger and network internal passenger flow. At the same time, through the construction of official microblogging, TV live room, to strengthen the public media information release to meet the passenger's right to know, for the public understanding.

        "Shanghai subway should be the development of urban culture platform and innovation base"

        Cultural development and prosperity in the context of the Shanghai Metro will build a new subway public space art, intends to create creative, flavor of the "Shanghai subway culture." It is an important window for the inheritance and deduction of the public culture of the city. It is the important window of public culture, publicity, openness, interaction and pleasure. It is the important window of urban public culture inheritance and deduction. Cultural development, the prosperity of the important content.

        "We have compiled this year's Shanghai Metro public cultural construction strategy outline, and in the whole network to fully implement the Shanghai Metro public cultural construction three-year action plan, fully relying on the subway position resources, promote the spirit of the subway, focusing on architectural art, art display , The typical publicity category, theatrical performances, popular science knowledge, cooperation and exchange projects such as the construction of the initial formation of the 'characteristics of the times, Shanghai characteristics, subway characteristics' of the Shanghai subway public cultural system.Currently, the People's Square Music Corner, Hongkou Football Stadium The theme of the station and other public cultural key projects, has aroused widespread concern in the community, and get a positive evaluation. "Here, should be called Hong face full of expectations of the eyes, he said:" We envision, through these public cultural exchanges Display the platform to build, so that the majority of passengers into these subway stations to see the city public cultural works, hear classical and modern music, realize the "city hero" noble spirit, learn scientific and cultural knowledge, feel the essence of historical and cultural heritage And we also believe After long-term influence of Metro culture will surely be Shanghai residents' quality and improve the level of urban Wen Ming have a huge impact. "
        Shanghai rail transit network development, full of hope is also full of test. Looking ahead, "Twelfth Five-Year Plan" is the strategic opportunity to carry out the scientific development concept and promote the sustainable development of the enterprise in Shanghai. It is also the key period to realize the transformation of network management, accelerate the realization of modern enterprise management and form a high-quality and high-quality operation system. "We will continue to work together and strive to make the Shanghai people more smooth travel, improve the quality of life, as our business mission: Shencheng subway, leading to the new city life." "

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